Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leaders

Effective leaders are essential for creating engaging workplace cultures and inspiring individual lawyers to be their best. The latest leadership science shows that a leadership style called “transformational leadership” (TFL) is especially effective.

What defines transformational leaders? They are leaders of all levels who continually cultivate elements that energize workplace engagement. They don’t view followers simply as cogs in the wheel that churn out billable hours in exchange for pay. They seek to transform followers into leaders themselves. Their approach rests on a basic assumption that people are trustworthy, want to do well, and perform best when intrinsically motivated rather than controlled by rules, money, and bossiness.

TFL dominates academic research—more studies have been conducted on TFL than all other leadership theories combined. And what the research has found is that TFL contributes to engagement, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, individual and organizational performance, retention of talent, and perceptions of work-life balance. Transformational leaders also may aid diversity and inclusion efforts by enhancing a sense of belonging and meaningful work.

Anne’s leader development training and programs are tailored to leaders’ level—including emerging leaders (e.g., associates), new partners, and more senior leaders.

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