5 Ways To Foster Meaningful Work & Boost Lawyer Well-Being

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Article published by the Texas Bar Journal, July 2018

By Anne Brafford

The cliché that, on our deathbeds, we’ll never wish we had worked more implies that work is inevitably a soulless, meaningless transaction for pay. That’s no what most of us were looking for when we applied to law school. But, for too many lawyers, it’s an accurate depiction of what their work has become. The result is that too many end up feeling trapped, cynical, and burned out—and lawyers, clients, and the profession suffer. One way to avoid such deathbed regrets is to make work more meaningful. Report after report about millennial lawyers say that’s what they want. And don’t we all agree?

This article published by the Texas Bar identifies practical strategies for lawyers to boost well-being by fostering the experience of meaningful work.

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