Peak-Performing Positive Organizations

Peak-Performing Positive Organizations (P3Os)

Peak-Performing Positive Organizations or “P3Os” are workplaces in which business and people thrive together. P3Os strive for high engagement among their people and contribute to their business success by doing so.

Research shows that a key driver of work engagement is the experience of meaningful work. For many lawyers, their jobs are not just a source of income. They also look for a sense of meaning and purpose through their jobs. They want to be part of something that matters and contribute to a greater good. Law firms whose sole value consists of profit-maximization are unlikely to fill this role and, instead, are likely to contribute to demoralization, depression, and burnout.

It’s not that firms should ignore profitability. The point is that money should not be firms’ sole, North Star guiding all communications and actions. Instead, P3Os balance the interests of all stakeholder groups (like partners, non-partners, staff, and clients) over time to bring them into alignment. Caring for the firms’ people and clients should not always be sacrificed for the aim of profitability.

In 2005, the “Conscious Capitalism” movement was launched based on these ideals. The Conscious Capitalism founders believe that Americans’ growing need for meaning and humanism is driving the transformation of capitalism and that companies who ignore this transformation face a doubtful future.

This approach objects to reducing people to sterile labels like “human resources.” People are, in fact, driven by their values, principles, ideas, and relationships. Given this, while the carrot and stick motivation strategy remains relevant, a firm’s purpose, values, and principles play a bigger role. Accordingly, business adopting Conscious Capitalism seek to create multiple kinds of value and well-being for their group of complex stakeholders—including financial, intellectual, physical, ecological, social, cultural, emotional, ethical, and even spiritual.

Anne’s new book Positive Professionals offers many science-backed strategies for aspiring P3Os that she can bring to your firm through speaking, training, or consulting. P3O topics include the following:

  • Science- backed strategies to boost engagement, resilience, and performance
  • The importance of meaningful work and how to cultivate it
  • Strengths-based management
  • Psychological safety: Reducing fear-based management to improve performance and stop mistakes from snowballing into crises
  • Scrapping the toxic performance review process
  • Coaching strategies for supervising lawyers
  • Benefits of a collective growth mindset
  • New approaches to work-life balance
  • Revamping new lawyer and new partner orientation programs to promote engagement and well-being.